Bw News
9 December 2016
The Blytheweigh Mining Team goes back to school at Camborne School of Mines


At the beginning of December, the Blytheweigh (“Bw”) Mining Team went to Falmouth for the weekend to attend one of our regular training sessions with our partner, Camborne School of Mines (“CSM”).


The Team spent the Saturday in the classroom being taught by Benedikt Stenier a leading lecturer in Exploration and Mining Geology at CSM.  A number of areas were covered during the day including the mining cycle, mining timescales, the mining value chain, the exploration process, budgets and finance, drilling methods and the production cycle.


After a gruelling, but entertaining day in the classroom, the Team were given the opportunity on the Sunday to go underground, with Mark Kaczmarek, a member of Cornwall County Council and responsible for the CSM training mine.  This was an incredible experience, especially for those members of the Bw Team who had not previously been underground as Mark explained the intricacies of underground mining as well as showing us how the ore body appears and is dispersed through the rock.  Mark then produced a length of explosive to set off underground so the Team could get a feel for what blasting is like.  This was much to the excitement of one member of the team who said “wow, we get to blow s*** up!”.   With the detonator in that Bw member’s hand, and whilst some of the team contemplated fleeing, there was what can only be described as an almighty bang in a very enclosed space, making most of the team jump! Following this, and once most of our hearing had returned, the team headed back above ground.  The team thanked Mark and headed to the station to return back to London - exhilarated and greatly enlightened.


Thank you very much to the team at Camborne, look forward to returning soon.