Bw News
25 August 2017
CSM Interns takeover the Blytheweigh Office



Over the course of the summer, Blytheweigh (“Bw”) conducted its annual Camborne School of Mines (“CSM”) internship programme taking on four bright and affable CSM graduates, each spending two weeks with us.


Eager to gain experience of how the City views the metals and mining industries, they supported the Bw team, not only with day-to-day tasks, but crucially with beneficial and insightful research work, including the outlook of various metals markets, the performances and perceptions of influential mining companies and the various journalists and analysts who operate in and around the industry.


During their two weeks, each CSM intern was also given the opportunity to spend time with a range of brokering firms, media outlets and mining companies to help broaden their understanding of the financial world of mining.

Feedback from the interns:

Intern A

“I feel the two weeks I spent here were very well organised and I was always kept busy with something interesting to do. I especially appreciated being given the opportunity to visit two analysts where I made a lot of contacts and learnt about the metal markets as well as how companies raise capital for projects.”


Intern B

“Before I arrived I had very little knowledge and appreciation of the commercial side of the mining and resource sector. Experiencing mining from various points of view such as PR has opened my eyes to all the other areas besides the physical excavation of a project.”


Intern C

“The opportunity to work with professionals in the investment research and wealth management sectors has been priceless, with the information and guidance given being invaluable in allowing me to approach and achieve my future goals. The contacts that I have gain over the two weeks are incredibly valuable; of which I would never have got without this opportunity.”


Intern D

“I thoroughly enjoyed my two-week internship with Bw! The placement included spending days with a precious metals consultancy firm and an investment research and advisory company. This internship has given me good and useful exposure to the corporate and financial workings of the extractive industry.”


CSM Interns and Bw Team enjoying the finer things in life after a hard day’s work.