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1 January - 2 April 2018
Blytheweigh is appointed by Chaarat, NMR and Symphony 

Blytheweigh (“Bw”) was pleased to be appointed by three new clients in the first quarter of 2018, welcoming Charaat Gold Holdings (“Charaat”), National Milk Records Group (“NMR”) and Symphony Environmental Technologies (“Symphony”).

Charaat is a gold development company focused on unlocking the vast potential of the Tien Shan Gold Belt in the Kyrgyz Republic, home to some of the largest gold deposits in the world. The company currently holds the Charaat Gold Project which it plans to bring into production by 2020.

NMR, listed on the NEX Exchange, is a market leading UK agri-business focusing on dairy and livestock information services and analysis. It works for both dairy farmers and milk processors.

Symphony is a British company developing smarter plastics technology. Its flagship product, d2w, is an additive which transforms regular plastics into oxo-biodegradable plastics and, in turn, allows the treated plastic to biodegrade in the same manner as a leaf, if not quicker.


Tim Blythe, Chairman of Bw, commented:

“We are delighted to start the 2018 year with the appointment of two high-profile companies on the AIM market and on the NEX Exchange. These companies have their own enticing stories and I look forward to working with each team to develop their communications strategy and investor and media presence.”


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