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5 March - 7 March 2018
Blytheweigh attends PDAC, Toronto


Tim and Camilla joined our North American colleague, Nicole, for this year’s PDAC in Toronto where the crisp and clear weather gave an additional clarity to the conference’s focus on battery metals and especially nickel.

Our week started with a focus on Western Africa where, as one Minister said, there are fewer terrorist attacks than in Europe.

At “The Letter Writers” session it was pointed out that cannabis and blockchain were the new manias taking capital away from mining, but investment was still going to exploration projects which were on track for a PFS.

With regard to commodities; zinc, cobalt and nickel were the star turns with lots of speculation that the auto industry would not ‘bet its supply chain’ on high risk jurisdictions and might be willing to pay a premium for supply from lower risk countries.

PDAC gets it right by separating the Trade Show and the Investor Show. In the Trade Show, Blytheweigh’s (“Bw”) friends from Camborne School of Mines were attracting a lot of enquiries while in the Investor Show Condor Gold, Serabi and Strongbow had a steady stream of interested investors.

Those who have attended PDAC will know that there is no shortage of drinks receptions to be enjoyed. Undeterred, Bw took the plunge this year and we hosted our own reception on the Tuesday evening in the Badali restaurant. A room for 40 people was soon filled with 55. We’ll be back next year!

Bw colleagues Tim, Camilla and Nicole at the Bw Party


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