Bw News - 2021

Blytheweigh's Big Picture

15 April 2021

In this month’s Big Picture, we look at some of the biggest news stories that have caught the Blytheweigh team’s attention, which include the sale of the first ever tweet (for $2.9 million!?) as well as the rise in food waste apps that are great for preventing unnecessary food waste but also a brilliant way to grab a bargain for lunch. Read more here...

Blytheweigh is appointed by Anexo Group, Griffin Mining and Ionic Rare Earths

31 March 2021

During the first quarter of this year, Blytheweigh (“Bw”) was pleased to be appointed by Anexo Group, Griffin Mining, and Ionic Rare Earths.  Read more here...

Blytheweigh's Big Picture

15 March 2021

The past month saw some significant moments that had Blytheweigh, and indeed the nation, gripped. The Government announced the roadmap outlining the steps that would ease us out of our current lockdown. Millions of people in the UK received their first, and in some cases their second, vaccination. There was snow and we saw images from Mars! It’s safe to say it’s been jam-packed few weeks.  Read more here...

Blytheweigh's Big Picture

31 January 2021

In a bid to resist the temptation to discuss limited differences between this year and the last, we thought we’d open this month’s big picture by celebrating the small things that took place in January that were of note in the context of that day, rather than the month (which seems like too big of a framework to put anything in at the moment). Here are some of the small (and in some cases pretty unexpected) wins that made members of our team smile in the face of a long, cold January.  Read more here...

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