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10 February 2020
Blytheweigh is Proud to Support the Kusasa Project


Blytheweigh (“Bw”) is delighted to continue to support the Kusasa Project in South Africa, through its annual ‘Indaba Starts Here’ Party held on the Sunday evening of Indaba.

The Kusasa Project was founded as a non-profit in 2006 to address the systemic deficiencies in the areas of literacy, nutrition, and sport for disadvantaged children. One of the greatest contributors to the recurring cycle of poverty is the lack of access to consistent, high quality, early childhood education.

In 2010 the Project established an independent primary school serving disadvantaged children: The Kusasa Project Early Learning Centre. Today the school provides a critical educational foundation to underprivileged children.

Details of their work can be found on their website -


Tim Blythe, Bw Partner, commented:

“With the abundance of young children in South Africa who lack the resources to reach their full potential, we are delighted to once again be supporting the Kusasa Project and the invaluable work that they do.

“Next year the team look forward to visiting Kusasa and are proud to be continuously supporting the project.”



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