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30 September 2020 

Blytheweigh is appointed by Apollon and Dando Drilling International and is Proud to Support the Woodland Trust


As the world adjusted to a new normal of lockdowns and working from home, Blytheweigh (“Bw”) was pleased to be appointed by Apollon and Dando Drilling International.

Apollon Formularies (“Apollon”) is a CBD company based in Jamaica which is planning to list in London. Apollon uses extensive clinical data along with a comprehensive suite of licences to research, cultivate, process and manufacture cannabis-based medicines. The company sets itself apart by also holding a therapeutics licence, allowing the company to dispense and apply its products at its own health and wellness resort in Jamaica.

Dando Drilling International (“Dando”) was established in 1867 and is a UK manufacturer of high-quality drilling rigs and equipment for the water well, mineral exploration, geotechnical, and offshore sectors across the world. Dando applies its award-winning, Great British engineering and design skills to customise rigs to fit all its customer’s needs.

Bw is also pleased to announce it is supporting The Woodland Trust, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, which has now planted more than 47 million trees since its founding in 1972.

Tim Blythe, Bw Partner, said:

“It’s great to be appointed by two very different, and uniquely interesting companies. We look forward to working alongside the respective management teams to build upon Dando’s historic reputation and create a compelling corporate story for Apollon.

“We are also immensely proud to be supporting The Woodland Trust, a known and loved British conservation charity, which is creating, protecting, and restoring our native woodlands.”


Tim Blythe or Megan Ray on 020 7138 3204

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