Expertise - Analyst Relations
Analyst Relations


There is a very simple reason why equity research is central to the investment banking business model – it’s highly influential and therefore coveted by listed entities. It is widely disseminated amongst institutional investors and can make a real difference to a company’s share price, particularly in the small-mid cap space, where competition for investors’ attention, and money, is intense.


So while media relations was the focal point for the financial PR model of old, in today’s market, effective sell-side analyst relations carry equal weight. The analyst relations work we carry out on behalf of our clients is twofold. Firstly, we will identify and target sector analysts in order to broaden, in terms of quantum, and strengthen, in terms of quality, our clients' equity research following. Secondly, we act as our clients’ voice in the market, ensuring the analyst community is kept abreast of all developments in our clients businesses, whilst simultaneously gathering feedback, formally and informally, and analysing sentiment, forecasts and models.


We organise and advise on set piece events such as results presentations and site visits and, where possible, put our clients directly in front of equity sales teams, in addition to equity research analysts, in order that the company message is delivered to as wide an audience as possible.